who does kirk players give to?

Kirk Players has donated to many community organizations in various ways throughout the years. Every organization you can think of, from A to Z, from the American Field Service to Youth Family Counseling, has benefited from Kirk Players unique philosophy and mission that we provide both tangible and intangible benefits to the community which we have called home for 48 years. Revenue from our productions is invested back into our community to support the arts and arts programming - to enrich our community is to enrich us all!

The way we give today is more focused on supporting art or arts programming.  The following donations will be made in our 48th season:

$750 District 79 PTO                                      $  750 District 76 Diamond Lake Educational Foundation
$750 District 79                                               $  500 Theater Department Carmel High School
$500 Theater Department Mundelein H.S.   $1500 JWL Performing Arts Scholarship
$350 Mundelein Park District                         $  500 Emerging Artist prize for the Mundelein Arts Festival

thank you!

One of the greatest things about being part of Kirk Players is the many thank you notes and letters we receive from those we serve. Whether it is a grant to support arts programming or season tickets used in a fundraiser these notes and thoughts of appreciation are a great reminder of the many lives we impact. Beginning with this 47th season we thought we would share them with you.

Mundelein Police Statue committee

American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) donation

Project Succeed literacy event

Mundelein Santa's Cottage

Arts Alliance Illinois

Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County

Carmel Catholic High School, Mundelein               

Diamond Lake Education Foundation                                                            

Mundelein School District 76

St. Bede's Parish Community, Ingleside

West Oak Middle School Bands, Mundelein


Proud Members

kirk players are proud members of the following organizations: